Monday, May 11, 2015

Germany: "They are even more anti-Semitic [than the Nazis]"

This relates to my previous post, but I thought it deserved it's own post.

Via i24News (h/t Anti-Racism Network):

Leonie Wunder, holding an Israeli flag told i24news: "We brought it to piss off the Nazis, but they a minority here. Most are normal people, who want to show solidarity. Europe is at war in Russia because that's what Obama wants, but we don't see the Russians as our enemy. The fact that our government wouldn't let the night wolf come here simply to lay flowers on the grave of their fathers is completely absurd."

"Some Nazis who saw us with the flag stared at us and mumbled quietly 'shit Jews,' but on the other side it's even worse," Wunder said. On the other bank, occupied by leftists, there was no room for them. "They are even more anti-Semitic," Wunder said. "They call us racists, spit at us and throw bottles."

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