Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Netherlands: Antisemitism at anti-racism protest

Via Brabosh:

This past Sunday there was an anti-racism protest for the 'right to free speech'.  The protest was organized by Abulkasim Al Jaberi, who was arrested in a previous anti-racism protest after he shouted 'fuck the king'.

 Al Jaberi is a rabid pro-Palestinian and Hamas supporter who has previously drawn parallels between the Palestinian struggle against Israel and the struggle of minorities in the Netherlands.

As seen in the photo below, one demonstrator came wearing a yellow star saying 'Palestine', thereby saying that Jews are Nazis.

This is an issue which repeats itself over and over again.  Anti-racism demonstrations in Europe are now unsafe for Jews.  These include anti-racism demos which claim to oppose antisemitism too(!).  Recent anti-racism protests have invited well-known antisemites to speak.  Enlightened people object to racism by skin color, to hatred of Muslims and immigrants, but they do not object to antisemitism.

See similar cases in Norway, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy.

photos via Maarten Brante.

Jews are Nazis

we object to Islamophobia, but we welcome antisemitism

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