Friday, May 8, 2015

Sweden: Swedish Democrat lay-judge spreading antisemitic conspiracy theories


Sofia Lanner is a member of the Swedish Democrats party.  She represents the party locally in Uppsala and also serves as a lay judge in the local court, participating in a trial of neo-Nazi gang members.

On her Facebook, Lanner shared a clip of an antisemitic conspiracy ,claiming that the Swedish PM Stefan Löfven is a Bilderberg agent,  part of Zionist world conspiracy of mass genocide against most of the world.

When confronted with it, Lanner said she wasn't racist, antisemitic or Nazi and that she hand't seen the entire clip before sharing.  She also said she doesn't believe in conspiracy theories.  The clip description specified that Stefan Löfven is a Bilderberg agent.

Various images from the clip:

David Rockefeller, considered Jewish by antisemitic conspiracy-theorists

Swedish PM in Israel

UZA = United Zionist America

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