Thursday, October 8, 2015

Europe: Cross-party group of MEPs urge Mogherini and Schulz to get tough with Abbas on incitement to hatred and silence on murders of Israelis

Official Palestinian Authority media outlets incite Palestinians, from a young age, to murder Jews. (Image source: Palestinian Media Watch)
Typically only 13 MEPs out of 751 signed the long overdue appeal - and not a single one from France, the UK, Portugal, Poland ...  More about Palestinian violence that MEPs prefer to ignore here and here.

Europe Israel Press Association reports:

A cross-party group of Members of the European Parliament urged EU’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and European Parliament President Martin Schulz to make an "unambiguous" statement in response to inflammatory language used by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in recent days and his silence and refusal to condemn the murders and stabbings of Israeli citizens.

"We press upon you the need for an unambiguous and clear European repudiation of the language used by Mr. Abbas to date, his silence in the face of brutal and unwarranted murders of Israeli citizens, including the murder of two parents in front of their children, and his failure to properly respond and engage with (Israel’s) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s offer of peace negotiations," wrote the 13 MEPs, members of the Europe Israel Public Affairs advisory Committee or friends of EIPA, in a letter sent Wednesday to the two EU leaders.

The MEPs are concerned that current events in Israel and the West Bank are taking a turn for the worse, and want the EU “to follow UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s lead, when he chastised Mr Abbas for his “filthy Jewish feet” quote with regards to events at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.”

"We urge you to issue this clear and unambiguous statement as soon as possible, so that the Palestinian leadership understands that incitement to hatred, and silence in the face of Palestinian terror attacks against Israel’s population have consequences and will not be tolerated by the European Union, the letter continues."
The MEPs noted that in stark contrast, Israel immediately condemned and brought the full weight of justice to bear on Israeli citizens who attack and murder Palestinian citizens.

"You will also be aware of the Israeli Prime Minister’s desire to begin peace process negotiations immediately and without pre-conditions," the MEPs said, adding that this offer, which must be grasped, is still on the table.

The 13 MEP who signed the letter are :
  • Fulvio MARTUSCIELLO (EPP, Italy)
  • Frederique RIES (ALDE, Belgium)
  • Boris ZALA (S&D, Slovakia)
  • Ramon Tremosa I BALCELLS (ALDE, Spain)
  • Lars ADAKTUSSON (EPP, Sweden)
  • Petras AUSTREVICIUS (ALDE, Lithuania)
  • Milan ZVER ( EPP, Slovenia)
  • Marijana PETIR (EPP, Croatia)
  • Bas BELDER (ECR, the Netherlands)
  • Hannu TAKKULA (ALDE, Finland)
  • Arne GERICKE (ECR, Germany)
  • Cristian DAN PREDA (EPP, Romania)
  • Branislav SKRIPEC (ECR, Slovakia)

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