Friday, October 2, 2015

UK: That's right. A "Nazi mob" did not attack Jews in Paris. It was a pro-Palestinian mob.

During the Gaza War, there was a near pogrom of Jews in France.  Recently, Vanity Fair ran a whole spread about those events (The Troubling Question in the French Jewish Community: Is It Time to Leave?)

It should be noted that from the very beginning, pro-Palestinian sites tried to prove that the Jews were making it all up.  Following up on the Vanity Fair article, the British Telegraph joined in with antisemitic pro-Palestinians with an article titled "Was Paris's Chief Rabbi rescued from an axe-wielding Nazi mob?"

UK Media Watch broke down their claims one by one (here and here).

What I think most interesting here is that the Telegraph insisted on talking about a "Nazi mob" and "Nazi sympathizers".

This apparently due to the "Nazi-style" of the attackers:
In her report, Ms Brenner’s also claims ‘dozens of pictures’ were taken of youths making ‘Nazi-style’ salutes outside a Kosher supermarket where four Jews were murdered by an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) linked gunman in January.
Well, if it's "Nazi-style", the people doing it must be Nazis.  Right?

This is what happens when journalists report about something they no nothing about.

The "Nazi-style" salute in question is the "Quenelle", invented by the French antisemitic comedian Dieudonne.  You don't need to be a neo-Nazi to do it.

Specifically in this case, though, I did not find anybody doing the Quenelle in front of the Hyper-Cacher.  Instead people went for the more "non-biased" fuck-you.

Swastikas and other "Nazi" symbols are used by pro-Palestinians as well.   Assuming otherwise just shows the journalist in question has no idea what they're talking about.

Wouldn't life be so easy if we knew that every swastika and every Nazi salute were comitted by Nazis?  Wouldn't it be nice if the only people who adored Hitler were right-wing European fanatics?

The Queen, doing a Nazi salute as a child

Sadly that is not the case, as any Jew who spends some time online can easily verify.   Adoring Hitler is a cross-cultural phenomenon. 

 A mob shouting "Death to the Jews" is not by definition "Nazi".  And so it is indeed true that there was no "Nazi mob".  There was a "Muslim" and "Pro-Palestinian" and "Anti-Zionist" and definitely "Anti-Semitic" mob.

By pretending there wasn't, the Telegraph is itself engaged in antisemitism.

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