Sunday, November 8, 2015

Austria: Magazine claims that refugee crisis is American conspiracy to cleanse Europeans of antisemitism

via Der Standard  (with thanks to Daniel)

Since June 2015, a guy Ronnie Seunig has been publishing a free magazine called Alles Roger? (meaning everything OK/alright?), 200,000 copies. Magazine promises to talk about "touchy facts" other media are not willing to talk about. He’s the founder of a gaudy shopping town Excalibur City between Austria and the Czech Republic.

In the current edition, the publisher is interviewed and says the US are responsible for the refugee crisis - their plan is to mix the European peoples to lower their IQs, and make them lose their identities. He says it is the hope of "certain US quarters” that this plan will cleanse the Europeans of antisemitism. 

He says that if religious or political groups do disgusting things it is permissible to talk about them

“Leans towards antisemitism”

Willi Mernyi chairman of the Matthausen Komitee Austria finds that the magazine leans towards antisemitism and cites articles on “secret world elites” - code words for the Rothschilds - as evidence.

Seunig keeps high profile political company. The Austrian Minister of Justice Wolfgang Brandstetter  was at the launch party of the magazine. The current edition has an interview with Governor of Lower Austria Erwin Pröll. His office said that they were not aware of last month’s edition in which an article “Are the Rothschilds destroying Africa” appeared. His office furthermore stated: "The governor is only responsible for his own words."

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