Thursday, November 12, 2015

France: Prominent Jew firmly rejects Israel as last-resort refuge from anti-Semitism

Alain Minc is a French Jewish businessman, political advisor, prolific author and self-styled intellectual.  He  is a favourite with the media.  They never tire of asking his advice on a variety of things.  He was yet again interviewed by Le Figaro (reported by JSS News) - this time about his Jewishness.  

Minc confided that if France was plagued by a devastating anti-Semitism he would not choose Israel as a last resort refuge.  He would chose England.  And if in turn anti-Semitism became rampant in England he would go to the United States.  Israel?  No way.

On another instance he boasted that he would never set his feet at the CRIF, the Council of French Jewish Institutions.  As he has been convicted of plagiarism twice, Roger Cukierman, the president of the CRIF, wrote that it is lucky he doesn't visit them because they don't invite plagiarists.

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