Friday, November 6, 2015

Germany: Support for Palestine - where Islamophobia and Antisemitism meet

h/t Gerd Buurmann's blog:
I've written in the past about the German right-wing/left-wing confluence of antisemitism, and here's yet another example.

Kathrin Oertel is the former treasurer and spokesperson of PEGIDA, the German anti-Islamization movement (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident).  She quit soon after it's inception and together with other former members founded a new group to to "distance themselves from the far-right tendencies of Pegida"

 So much for that.

This picture was posted this past June

Note the sign: on the left "Save Palestine", on the right "Save Donbass" (ie, Ukraine).  And in the middle: "EnDgAmE".  The new antisemitic right-wing/left-wing fusion movement I've written about in the past (here, here and here).

On the far-right (how appropriately) is Oertel.  The guy next to her is Walter Herrmann, known for his one-man antisemitic crusade against Israel.  His "Cologne Wailing Wall" even won the Aachen Peace Prize in 1998.

"Promoting peace", the German way

This Saturday Herrmann will be holding a protest against Israel.  Among the people on the 'thank you' list for their support for this so-called peace activism is Kathrin Oertel, the Islamophobe.

Confused?  Only if you believe that calling for the genocide of Israel is really 'peace activism'.    Hatred of Muslims, hatred of Jews, support for Russian colonialism - it all goes together for these people.  Being "pro-Palestinian" is just an excuse to kill and persecute Jews, not a cause of its own.

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