Friday, November 6, 2015

Greece: Listen and watch Kosta Plevris' anti-Semitic ramblings (video)

Via The Tablet:
In Athens, where anti-Semitism looms large, Eyal meets with Konstantinos Plevris, mentor to former Greek Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis, who also appears in the film in a desperate attempt to prove he’s not an anti-Semite. Plevris, whose dissonant prose is mediated by Eyal’s scripted commentary, is a controversial far-right author and Greek Supreme Court lawyer, convicted for inciting racial hatred against Jews. As evidenced by the film’s trailer, Plevris showcases a head-scratching dogma, one in which he denies Jesus’ Jewishness, insists that there is not “one bank that is not controlled by the Jew,” indicts Jews as the cause of capitalism and communism, while praising Israel as the model state, all in one breath. 
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More about Greece's most famous anti-Semite Kostas Plevris here.

Interestingly, Lucien Rebatet (pictured), one of the leading anti-Semitic intellectual collaborationists and life-long Jew-hater, showed admiration for the State of Israel.  Wikipedia in French (my translation) states: Lucien Rebatet supported the 1967 "Israel war against the Arab States":  
"Israel's cause over there is that of all Westerners. In 1913 I would have been greatly surprised if   it had been prophesied that one day my heart would be set on the victory of a Zionist army. But this is the solution that I find reasonable today." (quoted by Michaël Bloch)

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