Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hungary: Shop vandalized after owner protested against antisemitism

 Via CFCA:  
Harkany - one of the town’s deputy mayor, Remmert Ferenc, posted on his Facebook page a picture of Hitler, joking about immigrants. The archive picture shows Hitler sitting with Mussolini in a car, while Mussolini asks: “What are you doing with the refugees?!”  “We heat and disposed”, replies Hitler.

The politician deleted the picture after a few days and wrote that it was posted by mistake, but did not apologize.

A shopkeeper from Harkany, who said that his grand-grandparents had also been "heated" at the concentration camp – did not find it funny.

He put a poster with a yellow badge in his shop window, and said that Ferenc should apologize to all those hurt by his post. On Sunday night, vandals broke to his store, shattered the glass in two places, drew Star of David, and drew swastika on the raised platform in front of the store.

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