Friday, November 6, 2015

Norway: National psychiatry conference invites antisemitic doctor to talk about Evil Israel


Antisemitic doctor  Mads Gilbert was invited to speak to Norwegian students in Stavanger for the Nordic Psychiatry Conference "Schizophrenia Days".

What's does an anesthesiologist have to contribute on the topic of psychiatry, you might wonder.

According to a girl who was present at the lecture, after speaking about the importance of good health, he discussed the contrasts between rich and poor, peace and war, and then launched into an anti-Israel tirade.  He described Israel as absolutely horrible and the Palestinians as poor innocents who were just defending themselves against the world's greatest military power.   Throughout the lecture he had only one good thing to say about Israel: "Of course, Israeli children and youth should not be killed either". 

The conference is organized and funded by various municipal and national organizations, including the City of Stavanger, the University of Stavanger and the Rogaland County.

This is how Norway deals with antisemitism, by giving the podium to a well-known antisemite who has nothing of value to say about the actual issue at hand, just so he can remind all the impressionable minds he's talking to that Jews are EVIL.

This form of antisemitism is very acceptable in Norway today.  After all, he's only 'anti-Zionist', so all's well.  And if any Jew happens to suffer because of Gilbert's demonization of the only Jewish state in the world, well, that's their problem.   Because Norway is really serious about dealing with antisemitism.  They keep on saying so, so it must be true.

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