Sunday, November 1, 2015

UK: Antisemitic remarks spark mass brawl at London nighclub

Via Evening Standard:
One of London’s top celebrity nightclubs has been forced to shut its doors after a mass brawl between revellers, the Standard can reveal.


Images from mobile phone footage shot by one of the club’s managers and screened at the meeting show one person being thrown and sprawling across a car bonnet as others trade blows. People are filmed kicking and punching with the violence continuing even after officers intervene.

One thug is heard shouting f****** Jews at one point of the brawl.

An investigation by Boujis indicated that anti-Semitic remarks aimed at a group of Jewish people who had booked a table from a clubber who was told to leave the premises had sparked the violence. There were no weapons involved or serious injuries but such was the scale of the disturbance that 16 police units were despatched to the scene.   more

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