Tuesday, November 10, 2015

UK: University of London students to honor murderers of Jews

Today, students at SOAS, University of London intend to recognize and honor 72 "Palestinian martyrs".

Now, if you're not following Israeli news, you might not be aware that for the past month, there have been terror attacks almost every day.  The terrorists, who intend to murder Jews, are sometimes killed by Israeli security forces.   These are the people that the students of the University of London are honoring.   From their point of view, any Jew who defends himself from an attack is mercilessly killing his would-be murderer.  

Via Facebook:
Since the beginning of October, 72 Palestinians have been killed, and still counting. Those of you who follow the Palestinian struggle will know that this has become a constant element of Palestinian life. They have suffered continuously, barely recognised and mentioned in mainstream media, we need to recognise and honour them. The SOAS Palestinian Society have created an event and would love if you would come along to remember those who were mercilessly killed by Israeli occupation forces in the past few months. Light a candle. Sign a canvas. Stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people.
Tuesday at 17:00 on the SOAS MAIN BUILDING STEPS
Let's try to remember this next time a representative of British universities comes to Israel and tries to convince Israeli students that they have nothing to worry about if they come study in the UK.

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