Sunday, April 3, 2016

France/UK: For journalist the Jewish people are complicit in unspeakable barbarism (Nabila Ramdani)

Via Harry's Place:

Guardian and Independent writer Nabila Ramdani was the BBC’s go-to studio expert during the Charlie Hebdo attacks, and is respected as a left-wing commentator on international affairs and community relations. She of course rejects the idea of collective responsibility:
Dark myths about sexual assaults in Cologne came into sharp focus last week when a female television journalist was attacked live on air. Esmeralda Labye, a reporter from Belgium, was covering the German city’s annual carnival when three men variously touched her breasts, kissed her and simulated intercourse behind her back.
It followed claims of multiple sex crimes on women around the city’s station on New Year’s Eve, when refugees were blamed. This allowed conspiracy theorists to outline their most starkly racist fantasies, painting a picture of demonic brown-skinned Muslims fleeing war zones to defile white European womanhood. No need for court cases: marauding savages had planned everything on the Internet and were all guilty without trial.
Except of course when it comes to the Jews!
“Le peuple juif est complice, encourage et prend part a la barbarie innomable du gvt israelien contre les palestiniens:  The Jewish people is complicit in, encourages, and takes part in the unspeakable barbarism of the Israeli government against the Palestinians.”

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Also via Harry's Place:

[...] Let’s not forget Ramdani’s  brilliant analysis of Mohammed Merah’s targeted slaughter of Jewish children:
When young children are murdered by point-blank shots to the head, it is very difficult to draw conclusions about anything, let alone religion.
But Merah has apparently confessed to killing Muslims too: they were among the ethnic minority troops gunned down last week, with Merah claiming that he objected to their regiment fighting in Afghanistan. The truth is that extremist killers seldom differentiate between religions. Suggesting otherwise would mean turning Merah into a crude stereotype.

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