Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spain: ‘Gaza Girls’ spoof of Palestinian propaganda flagged as incitement

The video might be a parody, but it could certainly be used as incitement.  The question is whether this was the case here.

Via Times of Israel:
A Spanish judge recommended the prosecution for incitement to violence of a person who shared on Facebook an Israeli-made music video spoofing Palestinian propaganda.

The No. 1 Court of First Instance and Instruction of Tudela, a municipality located about 200 miles northeast of Madrid, recommended Tuesday the indictment of the unnamed resident, the Noticias de Navarra daily reported.

The reason cited was the resident’s sharing of a 2014 video titled “Kill All the Jews” by the “Gaza Girls” – a fictional Palestinian girl group invented and headed by Orit Arfa, an Israeli artist and right-wing settler activist.

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