Friday, October 14, 2016

Europe: 600,000 Jews have left Europe in last 25 years

From the European Parliament:

First Vice-President
of the European Parliament,Antonio Tajani.
The current situation in Europe of Anti-Semitism and future prospects for Europe’s Jewish communities were debated at a conference hosted by EP President Martin Schulz and First Vice-President Antonio Tajani on Tuesday.

“When we see that every fifth Jew in Europe has experienced verbal or physical violence, when these aggressions are getting more and more numerous, and when we see that the Jewish population in Europe has decreased from almost four million in 1945 to barely more than one million today, then we know that it is high time not only to make a clear political statement, but to take effective action as soon as possible. Europe has to be a better home for its Jewish citizens”, said the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz in his closing remarks.

“Some of us still have not understood that what makes us European is not our blood or religion but our strong adherence to our most fundamental values of tolerance, respect and liberty”, he added.

Opening the conference, Mr Tajani (EPP, IT), who is responsible for inter-religious dialogue for the Parliament, said “According to the Jewish Agency, almost ten thousand Jews moved to Israel in 2015, including eight thousand from France alone. This was double the 2014 figure. This, sadly, is the result of a persistent climate of hatred towards Jews: their numbers fell substantially from two million in Europe in 1991 to one million four hundred thousand in 2010. Yet Europe without Jews would no longer be Europe."
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How serious is the European Parliament (and Mr Schulz in particular) about tackling anti-Semitism?
- The European Parliament rewards hate
- Anything the PA does, no matter how murderous, never elicits anything but the mildest form of vague condemnation, if any, from the EU

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