Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Germany: A rare rebuke to Abbas in major newspaper

Via Elder of Ziyon:
As mentioned, Mahmoud Abbas was in Germany for a few days this week to have talks with Angela Merkel and to receive a "peace" award. 
An op-ed in Die Welt shows that not everyone is drinking from the "Abbas as peacemaker" Kool-Aid. 
Richard Herzinger writes for the newspaper: 
It is clear that Abbas and his Palestinian Authority (PA) are largely incapacitated. The now 81-year old President dare not resign, because for him and his Fatah organization there is fear that the radical Islamic Hamas could prevail in elections. 
Abbas travels endlessly around the world playing for time and to get international support for his attitude of refusal towards talks with Israel. And he shows his duplicity: Speaking in the West, as now he says in Berlin, he claims that he strives for nothing but "stability" and peaceful coexistence of Palestine and Israel. 
Yet at his home no day passes where the official PA media and schools do not spread anti-Jewish hate propaganda, wild anti-Israeli conspiracy theories and support for the terrorist cult of martyrdom. 
Instead of getting obsessed only on the Israeli settlement policy, Berlin should tell Abbas to finally call for a massive renunciation of this glorification of violence. The threat that otherwise we would curtail the huge amounts of aid money to the PA might be helpful. 
Slowly but surely, the cult of eternal Palestinian victimhood is being dismantled. 

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