Sunday, April 16, 2017

Holland: Why is Holland unrolling the red carpet for a Hamas conference?

Via European Jewish Press (Yossi Lempkowicz, Editor-in-Chief):
A peaceful march for Israel by a group of Christians in The Netherlands is prohibited by the authorities of the city of Rotterdam because they claim that the security could not be guaranteed…. This is particularly scandalous because this march was planned to protest a conference of Palestinians in the same city organized by a group – the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) - that advocates and promotes the ideas of Hamas and in fact is an essential part of the Islamist group network in Europe where it is on the list of terror groups… The conference, contrary to the march, was authorized not ony by the city mayor but also by the Dutch government.  Despite calls to cancel it from Jewish groups and several Dutch politicians....
The Palestinian Return Centre hosts Hamas senior officials at their international conferences. It has the same objectives as the rulers of the Gaza Strip: it rejects the right of Israel to exist and openly calls for its annihilation. The PRC has also become an essential and dominant arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe. It constantly challenges the Palestinian Authority in Europe.
At a time when Islamist terror attacks are regularly on the news in Europe, Rotterdam is contributing not to a peaceful solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but rather to encourage extremists to commit more suicide bombings, more car ramming attacks, more stabbings in Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Stockholm, London or Jerusalem... On Friday in Jerusalem, a 21-year-old British exchange student, Hannah Bladon, died after being stabbed by a Palestinian...
Mr Prime Minister of Holland, Dear Mark Rutte, how can two of your ministers affirm that "from our known information it cannot be concluded that the conference in Rotterdam is organized by Hamas…". The Dutch government, as well as other EU countries, have received a report from the German intelligence  showing clearly the contrary that PRC is a Hamas entity.

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