Thursday, April 27, 2017

UK: Anti-Zionist Malia Bouattia voted out of office at the NUS (Students Union) conference

Via Spiked (by Ieuan Joy, a writer and student):
Malia Bouattia has been voted out of office at the NUS conference. She’s no longer our president. Goodbye and good riddance. Over the past year she has given students nothing but a bad name. With her past comments on Zionism, viewed by many as crossing the line into anti-Semitism, and her constant running away from taking responsibility for her words and actions, she will not be missed. 
However, the NUS is still broken, and still crap. We should give credit to the new NUS president Shakira Martin for vowing to fight anti-Semitism — but she is still a standard student politician. She believes a BBC comedy skit called ‘The Real Housewives of ISIS’ was racist. She’s also fairly hysterical about Tory politicians, telling students they are ‘out to get every single one of us’. This kind of rhetoric, common in student politics, achieves very little. 
And post-Malia, the NUS will still involve itself in issues that have nothing to do with it. Does it really think Israel gives a crap what NUS officials think of it? 
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