Wednesday, August 23, 2017

UK: Antisemitic solicitor gets £25,000 fine

Via The Times UK:
A solicitor who wrote on Facebook that it was a shame that a plane carrying Jewish refugees had not blown up has been fined £25,000. 
The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal found the comments of Majid Mahmood, 40, a criminal defence solicitor and director of Liberty Law Solicitors in Luton, to be antisemitic, deeply unattractive and despicable. 
The tribunal said: “Causing offence to the public to the detriment of the collective reputation of the profession was unacceptable. The intemperate language used, the hatred manifested, including against Zionists as well as Jewish people, and wishing them dead by graphic means were terrible ideas for a solicitor to be promoting.” 
Mahmood had argued that it was Facebook’s fault for sparking controversial debate and that the posts were made in a private capacity, although his profile said he was a solicitor.  
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