Thursday, August 31, 2017

UK: TV documentary celebrates notorious anti-Israel activist and racist Islamist Nadia Chan

Via Guido Fawkes:

A senior reporter has left Channel 4 News amid presenting a package last week promoting a racist Islamist who supported ramming attacks. Last Thursday Channel 4 News aired a film presented by reporter Assed Baig showcasing Muslim women who “fight back by rejecting stereotypes”. The film heaped praise on notorious anti-Israel activist Nadia Chan, who has previously:

- Said she: “strongly advocates that the parasitic entity known as ‘Israel’ MUST cease to exist. Furthermore, every single Israeli is a parasite.”; 
- Appeared on Iranian state television to praise “the armed resistance from the Islamic Jihad … and also Hamas” in Israel;  
- Suggested Palestinians should use “everyday items to resist, whether it’s knives, cars … everyday items to strike the fear in the hearts of their oppressors”;  
- Described white people using the racial slur “honkies”; (...) 
 Channel 4 has pulled the report and video from its website and deleted tweets promoting the piece…
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