Sunday, March 9, 2014

Breaking: Rabbi attacked in Paris synagogue

Via JSS News and LDJ

Two men attacked a rabbi in a synagogue in Le Marais, the old Jewish district of Paris.  The attackers entered the synagogue at the end of evening prayers, tasered the victim, and then fled.  According to a witness one attacker was Arab, the other black.

JTA's report:
Two unidentified men wielding a stun gun assaulted a Jewish man near a Paris synagogue. 
K. Sassoun, a 52-year-old Israeli, was identified as the victim of Monday night’s attack at a building next to a synagogue on Pavee Street in central Paris, according to the news site. Sassoun was not seriously hurt but required medical treatment after being knocked down by the stun gun, which sends electric currents that usually incapacitate targets or render them unconscious for several minutes. 
The perpetrators fled immediately. One was black, according to an unnamed witness who reported the incident to the National Bureau for Vigilance against anti-Semitism, a Drancy-based watchdog known locally by its French acronym, BNVCA.

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