Monday, March 24, 2014

Russia: TV host says Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves

Evelina Zakamskaya, host for  Russia 24 News, a gov't owned broadcaster, said that Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves.

This during an interview with Alexander Prokhanov, who states openly that Jews are the cause of Russia’s misery. Warning that “we will not sit tight with our arms folded idly if the Jews continue to pressure Russian nationalists,” Prokhanov threatened to “answer them with a fist.” 

Translation via America Blog:
PROKHANOV: It is strange that Jewish organizations – European and Russian – support Maidan. They do that? They do not realize that they are, with their own hands, closer to the second Holocaust? 
HOST EVELYN ZAKAMSKAYA: They also advanced the first [Holocaust]. 
PROKHANOV: It’s dreadful, it is astonishing blindness — which, apparently, is repeated, because until 1933 in Europe many liberal organizations were feeding Hitler. 

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