Friday, March 14, 2014

Sweden: Antisemitic Muslim preacher invited to Syrian event

Sheikh Mohammad Rateb Al-Nabulsi  (far left)

Via Swedish blogger Torbjörn Jerlerup:

A month ago, antisemitic and homophobic preacher Sheikh Mohammad Rateb Al-Nabulsi was invited to speak at the annual conference of Muslimska Familjedagarna (Muslim Family Days).  After the issue hit the headlines, the invitation was withdrawn.

Turns out that Sheikh Al-Nablusi has been invited again, this time by the Syrian Society of Southern Sweden. According to the event's advertising, it is co-organized by ABF (Workers' Educational Association) and sponsored by the city of Malmö.  It is set for this Saturday, the same day as the Malmö kippa-march against antisemitism.

ABF claim they are not involved with this at all.  Coincidently (or not), one of the boardmembers of ABF Malmö is Adrian Kaba, a Social Democrat politician, who in the past wrote an op-ed about the "Jewish-European right-wing extremist conspiracy".

The Syrian Society say they invited Al-Nablusi because he's famous and they want to attract a lot of people.  He was not invited to speak, and in any case that does not mean they agree with his ideas.

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