Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hungary: A renewal of the canard that Hungarian Jews are not true Hungarians

Which puts Hungarian Jews in a very difficult position.  They can't identify as an ethnic group, and therefore are losing their self-identity.
With the recent popularity of the anti-Semitic Jobbik party, the third-largest in parliament, there is a renewal of the canard that Hungarian Jews are not true Hungarians, the rabbi explained.
“That’s why it’s very difficult to identify yourself as a Jew here and now. The Nazis of today, they say that the Jews are not Hungarians,” and if the ethnic aspect of Judaism is stressed it would be tantamount to giving Jobbik a “weapon” to use against the Jews, he said.

Beyond that, however, Frolich believes that “when you say you are a Jew as a nationality, it means that you tear yourself apart from the Hungarian nation,” and that this grants a victory to Hitler and his Hungarian collaborators, who told the Jews that they were not Hungarian.

“Because of the generation of the Holocaust, we have to remain part of the Hungarian nation to show that the Nazis were not right,” he asserted. 

More: Jerusalem Post

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