Tuesday, March 18, 2014

France: "Jew trap is ready" in the oven

Via Philosémitisme Blog, with thanks for the translation:

The following image was posted on Procit, a French Facebook humor page.  The poster, Mehdi Boudjnane, wrote "It's racist, but funny".

It shows money in an oven.  The caption says "my trap of Jew is ready".  This is a play on words which means both that it's easy to trap a Jew (with small bills!)  and that the Jews trapped the world by organizing the Holocaust in order to get a state (or even pretended to organize one).

The comments on the image were along these lines:

The image had originally been posted on Twitter where it was shared thousands of times, but later removed.  On Facebook, this group sees nothing wrong with this image.  It's racist, but funny.

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