Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Russia: RT's 'German expert' is publisher of neo-Nazi magazine

The Interpreter discovers that Russian broadcaster RT's 'German expert' is a neo-Nazi.  But that is not surprising.  RT's experts always seem to be unknowns with strong antisemitic, anti-Western views.  Maybe they can also find out more about who 'British expert' Moeen Raoof is.

Manuel Ochsenreiter is not a household name either in the United States or in his native Germany. He’s the editor of “Zuerst! German News Magazine” whose promotional material says that it’s “committed only to the life and survival interests of the German people and the precious heritage of our European culture“, and describes other German media as being under the control of “foreign interests.”  
RT has singled Manuel Ochsenreiter out as their primary on-air spokesman for the German point of view, featuring him on talk shows and extended interviews on the network scores of times over the past four years. While it may seem strange for RT to choose the editor of a neo-Nazi magazine to be their expert on German public opinion, in a way it makes perfect sense precisely because so few people know who he is. RT identifies him on air only as a German journalist. Moreover, judging by his on-air performance, he is very happy to say whatever it takes to keep his patrons at RT happy.

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