Thursday, March 27, 2014

France: Jewish mayor harassed online by opposition candidate posing as Jew

Earlier today I posted about a Jewish candidate in France who was harassed online by someone posing as a Jew.  

Turns out that a couple of weeks ago another Jewish politicians, from the same party, was also harassed by someone posing as a Jew.  Maybe it's a trend.

Via JTA:
[T]he center-right UDI party dropped a former candidate from its list for the municipality of Schiltigheim near Strasbourg after regional prosecutors said she would stand trial for inciting racial hatred in connection with anti-Semitic statements they suspect she made online. 
The candidate, Hayat Belaredj, is believed to have written on Facebook: “The Jewish danger, what a disgrace” about outgoing mayor Raphael Nisand, who is Jewish, Le Monde reported on Tuesday.

Belaredj posted the message using a fake account and a Jewish name "Moshe Yaniv".  She says she's not antisemitic and was under attack by the mayor's party (Socialist Party).  Which is apparently a good enough reason to pose as a Jew and post antisemitic slogans online.

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