Sunday, March 23, 2014

Norway: "Jews were gassed, and then they bought up everything"

A few comments on this story:

1. Death threats?  For what?  By whom?  I can think of many worse things Norwegians said about Jews.

2. Ervin Kohn is really not doing Jews a favor.  The conspiracy theory is not that "Jews are good business people".  That is a compliment, actually.  The conspiracy theory is that "all Jews are rich".  That we get rich by exploiting: the locals, our suffering, our connections etc. etc.  That we're successful because of the Holocaust, and not despite it.  That we "bought up everything".

The clip in question was cut out of the show, but was posted online by NRK (here, at around 5:30)
An outspoken Norwegian commentator has reported receiving death threats after making statements on Norwegian television that were condemned as antisemitic by Jewish groups
Elisabeth Norheim, a Norwegian of Ethiopian descent, compared the success of Jewish people to that of Africans on a debate show broadcast on Norway's NRK network.
“Yes, yes, yes, I'm shit jealous of Jews, me," she exclaimed. "They were gassed, and then afterwards... they just starting buying up shit everywhere. They just bought up everything. I mean, they're the richest guys everywhere. We somehow just have Oprah.”   

Ervin Kohn, President of Oslo's Jewish community and vice president of The Norwegian Center Against Racism, said Norheim's statement was "classic anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, namely that Jews are good business people".

"It's a stigma, it is offensive and it is racist," he said.
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