Monday, December 29, 2014

France: Billboard company censors Star of David but promotes anti-Israel campaign

The following was reported in January 2014: France: JDate ad removed due to vandalism 

The city of Nanterre, a Paris suburb, removed 18 billboard ads put up by Jewish dating site JDate. Apparently because the Jewish Star poses a threat to public order, given the recent media coverage of antisemitic comedian Dieudonné.

More: JSS News, based on JDate release - Tribune Juive updates that some billboards were removed by the advertising firm Decaux because they were vandalized (swastikas, broken glass).  The city had nothing to do with it.

JSS now reports that the advertiser is running a country-wide viciously anti-Israel billboard campaign on behalf of the Islamic Relief organisation.  It features the head of a Palestinian child head made up of ruins.  JSS asks: is it meant to stoke anti-Semitic sentiment in France?  Or is it meant to promote the idea of a Palestinian State? 

Europe-Israel points out that Decaux operates in Israel and is running an advertisement campaign against child obesity in Tel Aviv...

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