Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ireland: Irish Times Turns Hamas Into Innocent Victims of Israeli Aggression

Via Honest Reporting:
Writing in the Irish Times, Lara Marlowe continues her one-sided assault on Israel following a series of anti-Israel articles in September, including one accusing Israel of employing “secret weapons” against Gaza as well as a “review” of the most virulently anti-Israel books in publication today.

This time we are treated to a full-on attack over Israel’s treatment of Gaza. Marlowe’s main source for comment from the Israeli side is the revisionist historian Avi Shlaim a longtime critic of Israel. Hence statements such as “It [the Gaza conflict] was a one-sided massacre” and “All these wars were instigated by Israel… All were directed against civilians, and all involved war crimes. They are a direct product of Israeli colonialism, of the most prolonged and brutal military occupation of modern times.”

It's just full of hate, hate, hate.  I can't even put my finger on one sentence that does not blame Israel for all evils.

As for the point of the article, that the Gaza War is the reason why European countries are now recognizing Palestine?  Has a kind of Holocaust-tinge to it, doesn't it?

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