Sunday, December 14, 2014

UK: Five Jewish members of the Newcastle Holocaust Memorial Committee have quit

The problem is that Muslims in Europe are often seen protesting and against Israel, but one doesn't see them condemning the numerous atrocities Muslims perpetrate against other Muslims and minorities who live in countries where Islam is the main religion and in Europe too.  Talk of double standards...

Meanwhile in Newcastle, five Jewish members of the Holocaust Memorial Committee have quit over co-chair and local councillor Dipu Ahad's protests against Israel's actions in Gaza this summer. 
Councillor Jackie Slesenger said: "I resigned. During the crisis in the summer, the chair held a die-in for Gaza on City Council premises. They were flying the Palestinian flag. He has to be impartial, fair and tolerant, and he was being none of these things." 
Ms Slesenger said the event has been scaled down because of the controversy. Mr Ahad, who has chaired the 12-person committee for three years, said: "My criticism in the summer was just against the Israeli government. We campaigned, but it's nothing against Jews or Israel as a state. It's sad how people have used that to withdraw from HMD. "It offends me when people call me antisemitic. It makes you wonder if people are boycotting it because I'm a Muslim. I've never as chair raised the issue of Palestinians. Never."

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