Thursday, December 18, 2014

UK: We see no reason to condemn Jordanian MPs who prayed for 'heroes' who committed synagogue massacre

Why would they?

British leaders just say they want to fight antisemitism.  They don't really bother to do anything about it.  And it's not as if any other Western country bothered.  It's just Muslims being antisemitic.  No reason to actually worry about it.

Via Elder of Ziyon:
Last month, I reported that Jordan's parliament said a prayer for the murderers of the four Jewish worshipers slaughtered in Har Nof.  
Given that the UK often publicly airs its impatience with Israeli actions, Edgar Davidson emailed to the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office asking them if they would condemn the disgusting, pro-terror display from the parliament of one of Britain's closest allies in the region.

You can follow the link if you want to see how the UK justified not condemning the parliament of a valued partner praising the murder of Jews.

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