Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Turkey: Anti-Semitism leads in media hate speech

The Jewish demographic was targeted 130 times in Turkish newspapers between May and August 2014, according to the “Monitoring Hate Speech in the Media” report released on Monday by the Hrant Dink Foundation.

The report found that 32 national, religious and ethnic identities were victims of hate speech in articles written by the Turkish press; the report also found that Jews and Armenians made up 50.4 percent of the targets of hate speech. In addition to the Jewish and Armenian peoples, Greeks, Kurds and Syrian refugees also made up a large part of those who were attacked by the Turkish press. 
The report recorded 130 incidents of hate speech against Jews, 60 against Armenians, 25 against Christians, 21 against Greeks, and 18 counts of hate speech against Kurds.
Several articles did not differentiate the specific differences between Zionists, the State of Israel, Israelis and Jews, and instead used the broad, over-arching term “Jews” to refer to all the groups mentioned. 
Furthermore, the report noted that some of the columnists that criticized the State of Israel's attacks against the Palestinians compared its actions to those of Hitler and the Holocaust. 

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