Thursday, December 25, 2014

Norway: Mads Gilbert accuses Israel of beheading Gazan children

When I saw this, I seriously assumed this was old news.  I mean, Mads Gilbert is so well-known for 'speaking the truth' from Gaza.  Surely he would have spoken about this to every available outlet if it was true.

But, no.  It seems that only now he found the strength within himself to come out with a new blood libel against the Jews.  h/t Norway, Israel and the Jews

Mads Gilbert, antisemitic Norwegian doctor, and the guy that Norwegians recently voted 'person of the year'. was interviewed by al-Jazeera about his experiences in Gaza:
MG: I have children myself, I have grandchildren, and you don’t want to see this in the world today. Now everybody is talking about Boko Haram and ISIL beheading people. I saw beheaded children in Gaza, I have pictures. 
I don’t show them because they are simply too inhumane, but nobody is accusing Israel of a massacre of children. It is always directed to somebody else who is called under the general term of terrorists.
Nobody else saw it, nobody else recorded it, nobody else reported it, only Mads Gilbert, famous doctor and speaker of truth to power.  And he can't show us the pictures, because they're too inhumane.

Well, Norwegian newspaper Dagen checked with Gilbert, what did he mean by 'beheaded'?
Gilbert (translation mine): 'By the verb 'beheaded' I meant I saw dead Palestinian children wholly or partially without heads, after Israeli attacks on Gaza this summer.  I specifically didn't use the verb 'decapitated'  [talks about Norwegian translation].  I obviously never meant or claimed that Israeli soldiers physically and directly beheaded children with their own hands."

Gilbert tries to differentiate between 'beheading' and 'decapitation'.  As if the first is not-intentional and the second is.  But English begs to differ.  

This is Wikiepdia's explanation:
Beheading typically refers to the act of intentional decapitation, either as a means of murder or execution; it may be accomplished, for example, with an axe, sword, knife, wire, or by other more sophisticated means such as a guillotine.
Maybe he simply doesn't speak English well?  We can't fault him for that.

So let's take him in context, shall we?  Gilbert says: "Now everybody is talking about Boko Haram and ISIL beheading people."  Does anybody know if Boko Haram and Islamic State, two vicious terror groups, actively behead people with their own hands?

Gilbert seems to imply that he isn't sure about that.

Also, Gilbert says Israel should 'stop the bombing'.  He truly lives in an alternate reality.

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