Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Netherlands: Ethnic Dutch responsible for nearly 70% of antisemitic harassment

Via Republiek Allochtonië:

A study by the Verwey-Jonker Institute, commissioned by the  Anne Frank Foundation, shows that ethnic Dutch are responsible for most racist and antisemitic crimes.

The study also shows that most antisemitic incidents do not target a specific Jew.

Specifically: Ethnic Dutch were responsible for 68% of targeted harassment, other West-Europeans were responsible for 21%, and Turks for 10%.

Ethnic Dutch were also responsible for 64% of general antisemitic behavior.  West Europeans for 8%
and Turks and Moroccans for 13%.

Of the 61 incidents where Jews were targeted in 2013: 48 involved threats or insults, often by an acquaintance, 11 of vandalism of Jewish or WWII locations, and twice of somebody shouting "Hamas Hamas Jews to the gas" next to a synagogue.

There were 872 cases of not-targeted antisemitism: such as shouting antisemitic slogans at football games.

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