Sunday, December 21, 2014

Israel: Islamic State 'leader' says caliphate will rule over Jews

The supposed leader of Islamic State supporters in Israel told Channel 10 News on Wednesday he believed the group would one day rule Israel, and said Jews would only be allowed to remain under Islamic caliphate rule if they adhered to the Islamic way of life.

The man, identified only by the moniker “Abu Kassem,” said he believed IS could have a presence in Jerusalem “within eight years.”

“I don’t think Israel can do anything (about it),” he added. “This is bigger. Islamic State is big. Everyone wants to take part.”


Asked how Jews would be treated in his vision of an Islamic State-controlled Israel, Kassem said they would allowed to live here “but you will live like I want you to. You will live here as a Muslim. If you don’t oppose me there’s no problem.”

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