Monday, January 26, 2015

Belgium: Police change their minds, Antwerp stabbing now considered antisemitic attack

Part of the problem with antisemitic attacks in Europe is that the authorities sometimes seem reluctant to label them as such.  I don't understand why.

Police are now sure the attack in Antwerp this past November, in which a Jew was stabbed, was an antisemitic attack.  

Though the victim, Yehoshua Malik, was attacked for no reason, police were at first unsure about the issue.  The media reported it might have been a drunk Polish man who stabbed a Jew by mistake.

But now it seems they've changed their minds.

Police have managed to reconstruct the attacker's route - he left Antwerp North and headed straight for the Jewish neighborhood.  He stabbed a Jew, then returned back.

According to Commissioner Frank Van Saelen, the attacker did not stop for anything and did not talk with anybody on the way or on his phone.  He seems to be aware of the CCTV cameras, because he keeps his face down and walks as close as possible to the houses.

Police have no clue as to his identity or whereabouts and are asking the public for help.

More: HLN  ( + clip here)

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