Thursday, January 29, 2015

France: Laughing at Dieudonné's anti-Semitic jokes in front of Jewish co-worker at business lunch

Mickael and Angélique Cohen moved with their three children a few months ago to Netanya, a small city north of Tel Aviv with a large French community. [...]"

She fiddles with her necklace, on which a Star of David is hanging. In France, she says, she used to hide it under her sweater. "We think that our children have a better future here," says her husband Mickael, 40. In France, he says, there is no economic recovery in sight and the tension is quick to turn into hostility. "People always think that, as Jews, you must have money," he says. Angélique Cohen says she always knew that she would live in Israel one day, in the country where both her religion and her people are from: the "home of her heart," as she says.

But the move was triggered by a business lunch in Paris [she "worked in a large IT company"]. She was sitting there with her colleagues, totally normal French people, and they were laughing at the anti-Semitic jokes of the comedian Dieudonné -- the same Dieudonné who was just arrested for posting "Je suis Charlie Coulibaly" on his Facebook page following the Jewish supermarket attack. The perpetrator of that attack was named Amedy Coulibaly.
Angélique Cohen placed her call to the Jewish Agency on the evening following that business lunch.

More: Spiegel ( Rising Anti-Semitism: Increasing Numbers of French Jews Moving to Israel)

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