Thursday, January 22, 2015

Germany: "If Stolpersteine started to be desecrated..."

Started?   The 'stumbling blocks' Holocaust memorials are vandalized so often, that I don't usually even report it.   Consider yourself informed that Germany has an anti-Semitism issue.

Vandalism of Holocaust memorials in Germany (and Europe) are not a theoretical idea.  They're reality.  The memorials put up to remember those Jews murdered in cold blood for the crime of being Jews, are vandalized over and over again.  Welcome to Europe 2105.

Via Artuz 7:
Swartzberg claimed that after deadly attacks on Jews in Paris and Brussels and the troubling rise of a right-wing populist group in the eastern German city of Dresden, the Stolpersteine could serve as a "lightning rod" of anti-Semitism. 
"In other words, if Stolpersteine started to be desecrated by neo-Nazis or Muslims we would know that Germany is facing an anti-Semitism issue," he said.

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