Wednesday, January 21, 2015

UK: The Times reports from 'the Jewish border'

photo via Twitter

The Times reports that an Iranian general was killed as "he visited Syria to oversee plans to build a missile base near the Jewish border."

Journalist Hugh Tomlinson claimed on Twitter that the original read "the Jewish State".

As if that makes everything okay.

Let's review reality for a second:

1. When the media attacks Israel, they say they're not being antisemitic, because 'Israel' is not the same as 'Jews'.

2. When the media reports on Israel, they sometimes refer to it as 'the Jewish State'.   For no real reason, other than to remind their readers that we're talking about Jews here.

The media cannot comprehend that by bashing Israel they're increasing antisemitism in their own home countries.

By 'bashing Israel' I do not mean articles that thoughtfully criticize a certain Israeli policy (those are very rare), but rather articles which take any anti-Israel source as the gospel truth, get emotionally involved and indiscriminately throw around phrases like 'genocide' and 'ethnic cleansing'.

If you accuse Israel of genocide, you're accusing Jews of genocide.  That seems obvious to most people, besides the media and politicians.

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