Sunday, January 25, 2015

Norway: Doctors refuse to perform circumcisions

Norway passed a new law requiring all circumcisions to be performed in hospitals, by doctors.  But the law hit a little snag.

Since January 1st, all of Norway’s state-run hospitals have become legally obliged to offer circumcision of newborn baby boys. A majority of doctors all over the country, however, have been refusing to perform the operation that’s often part of religious rituals, claiming it’s an unnecessary surgical procedure on otherwise healthy infants.
The law was approved by a large majority in Parliament but not without controversy. Doctors’ and nurses’ professional organizations opposed it as did many individual Members of Parliament, but they followed their parties’ lines. In addition to fearing that circumcision would continue to be performed by non-health professionals in Norway, party leaders didn’t want to be seen as being either anti-Jewish or anti-Muslim, since circumcision is traditional in the Jewish and Muslim communities. Others pointed to how millions of men around the world are circumcised including a majority of American men regardless of religious persuasion. 
“I think many (MPs) were afraid to be accused of anti-Semitism or fear of foreigners,” Jenny Klinge, an MP for the Center Party, told Dagsavisen. She unsucessfully proposed offering hospital circumcision only to males over the age of 18, when they could decide themselves if they wanted to be circumcised. 

Of course, preventing Jews from performing the procedure, which is integral to Jewish identity, has nothing to do with antisemitism.  It's just concern for the children.

If Norway banned circumcision for newborns like Klinge wanted to and it's Jews would flee, well, that has nothing to do with antisemitism either.

Just because Norwegians know better than Jews what's good for them does not make them antisemites.  Right?

I suppose this isn't antisemitic either.  It's just a commentator making an astute observation:
Do jewish people have that much power in Norway that they can compel legislators to force doctors to basically torture babies on the command of their parents? This is kind of insane.

Europeans today aren't ashamed of their antisemitic views.  They shout them off the rooftops.

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