Friday, January 23, 2015

UK: Muslim claims antisemitic speech should be accepted like Charlie Hebdo cartoons

He's right - he's got freedom of speech.  Still doesn't change the fact that he's antisemitic and incites against Jews.

The article calls his tweets 'jokes'.  But calling Jews slave-traders, murderers, privileged above and beyond the 'normal folk' is not joking.  Saying Charlie Hebdo only made fun of Muslims and not Jews (hint, hint, hint) is not a joke.  It's a Muslim repeating the often-repeated claim that Muslims are down-trodden while the Jews just whine about non-existent antisemitism and get all the attention.

So, consider the point made.

Jerry Reddick, also known as the Dawgfather, took to the social media platform yesterday in what he argued was a freedom of speech exercise.

The Halifax food vendor posted controversial comments about the Holocaust, Hitler, and the Twin Tower attacks, following with tweets that read, “I know you didn’t think freedom to insult worked both ways,” and “My point about free speech being limited was made loud and clear!”

More: news957, h/t CFCA

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