Friday, January 23, 2015

Sweden: Journalist experiences life as a Jew in Malmo

SVT reporter Petter Ljunggren reported on Malmo antisemitism for the "Uppdrag granskning" show.  There are 1,500 Jews in Malmo, and some told him that they're afraid to live there and afraid to go out the door.  They are regularly taunted, have eggs thrown at them, and otherwise attacked.

Ljunggren wanted to know what it feels like as a Jew in Malmo, so he put on a kippah and Star of David, and went out to walk the streets.   He was followed by an undercover reporter who filmed everything.

Along the town's main road, Ljunggren was immediately confronted. One man told him he should leave if he was wearing that 'Jewish shit'.  Another  shouted at him that he's a Jew-devil.

People shouted at 'dirty Jewish pig' and "Jewish pigs, we'll kill you'.

In the neighborhoods of Lindängen and Rosengård, he was harassed so much, he considered just leaving.  In Lindängen a guy warned him to just get out of there.  In Rosengård they were attacked by a mob, and when they fled, people threw eggs at them from the windows.

More: Expressen, h/t SAW

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