Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Belgium: Antisemites out in full force in response to article about oldest Holocaust survivor in the world

Belgian broadcaster VRT published an article on its Facebook page about the recently announced "oldest man in the world", an Israeli Holocaust survivor named Israel Kristal.

The article is headlined "Auschwitz survivor is officially the oldest man in the world".  VRT added the comment "Congratulations, Israel!"  (referring, of course to the man, not the state).

The article attracted various antisemites.  There were of course the more direct attacks "the downfall of our existence is Judaism", "Hitler didn't finish the job" and "die as soon as possible".  Jewish site Joods Actueel reports that these comments were not removed immediately, but they have been removed by now.

But comments considered "anti-Zionist" were left standing.  This include accusing Israel and Jews of not learning from the Holocaust and of being the new Nazis.  These types of statements are considered antisemitism according to both the US and EU definitions.  But apparently VRT doesn't agree.

There's also comments talking about evil Israel is and wondering why VRT reports about 'good' stories and not about what Israel is doing. 

The top two comments at the moment are:


Luque Derkinderen: ... and in the Palestinian territories there is little chance of being the oldest man in the world... Oh! I'm not allowed to say that???  and calling the situation of Palestinians in Israel a second Holocaust, definitely not .... only good news about Israel!

Frank Van Randi: Congratulations Israel... for stealing land, killing innocent people, murdering children. For the apartheid policy for imprisoning, mistreating and abusing children.  For the daily summary executions...

The situation in Europe 2016: an article about a Jew who survived Auschwitz, whose wife and children were murdered, is an acceptable platform to rant about how evil Jews are.

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