Monday, March 21, 2016

Sweden: Foreign Minister promises to oppose BDS, at some point, maybe

Last week Jewish and Israeli news-sites came out with surprising headlines: The Swedish Foreign Minister, Margot Wallstrom, had declared opposition to the BDS movement and supported Israel's right to defend itself.

Looking beyond the headlines, the story seemed less certain.  Israeli MP Tzipi Livni met with  Wallstrom and according to Livni, Wallstrom agreed to publicly do the above.


She did not specify.

A week later, we're still waiting.

After the meeting Wallstrom tweeted about it as follows:

"Constructive meeting with Israeli politician Tzipi Livni on Israel and Palestine and our support for a two state solution. Violence must stop."

That seems a very bland statement.    Who's responsible for the violence?  Who's inciting to kill Jews?

We have no idea.

Current Swedish government policy opposes even a basic investigation to ensure that Swedish aid is not used to further such incitement.  Let alone condemn it.

What about the promise to publicly oppose BDS?

Israeli journalist Elad Simhayoff asked the minister:  "Madam Secretary, any comments on the BDS movement?"

The minister, of course, had no comments to make.

How can she publicly oppose BDS when Sweden, together with other European countries, is funding the BDS movement?

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