Friday, March 18, 2016

UK: Amnesty stages "solidarity show" in front of Israeli embassy in London

One wonders why they don't take their show to the Saudi Arabia embassy in protest at stonings, beheadings, amputations, religious and gender discrimination etc.  We all know the answer, don't we?

The Jewish Chronicle reports:

Fire-eaters, clowns on stilts and jugglers were part of a circus-themed protest aimed at raising awareness of the case of a Palestinian performer detained by Israeli authorities.
The demonstration outside the Israeli embassy in west London on Monday, included a 20-minute "solidarity street show" organised by Amnesty International UK.

The charity said it wanted to make people aware of the case of 23-year-old Mohammad Abu Sakha, who was detained without charge by the IDF last December. Mr Abu Sakha is part of the Palestinian Circus School which trains children. He is said to specialise in working with children with special needs.

Amnesty said he was held by Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint while travelling from his parents' home in Jenin to work at the circus school in Birzeit, near Ramallah. 
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