Monday, March 28, 2016

UK: Student concern over spate of antisemitic graffiti at London university

Via Jewish Chronicle (h/t CFCA):
A student union has reported “recurring incidents” of antisemitic graffiti after a new daubing was spotted by a Jewish student.

Aaron Isaac noticed the graffiti in a building at Goldsmiths University in south-east London.

It read: “Goldsmiths it’s the symbol of world Jewry!”

In a statement, the students union said that similar anti-Semitic daubings had been reported earlier in the year.

It said: “Goldsmith Student Union has been made aware of recurring incidents of antisemitic graffiti. We did not make a public statement so as to not give spotlight to the perpetrators. However we cannot allow instances such as these to continue and to become a stain on the student culture of this campus.
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