Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Portugal journalists: Slain Palestinian terrorists are not ‘murdered’

A bit of common sense and good journalistic practice from Portugal.

The Times of Israel reports:

Henrique Cymerman
The union of Portuguese journalists has rejected a complaint by the Palestinian Authority about a reporter’s use of the word “murder” to describe only victims of terrorist attacks and not their perpetrators.

Portugal’s Syndicate of Journalists published its decision last week on a complaint that Hikmat Ajjuri, the Palestinian Authority’s envoy to Portugal, filed in December against Henrique Cymerman, the Israel reporter for Portugal’s Independent Communication Company, or SIC. 

The December 13 report by Cymerman focused on incitement in the Palestinian Authority “to kill Jews,” as Cymerman, who is Jewish, described it. In the report, Cymerman said that many of the perpetrators of attacks against Israelis regard their actions as part of a holy war. He also interviewed people who said it was in reaction to the Israeli occupation.

The item had an on-screen caption that read “22 Israelis were murdered and roughly 100 Palestinian assailants were killed.”
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