Thursday, March 17, 2016

Italy: Writer Dario Fo blames "Jews' brutality against those who follow other religions, as it happens today."

Giulio Meotti editorial at Gatestone Institute:
An Italian writer, Dario Fo, a laureate of the Nobel Prize for Literature, just gave an interview to the newspaper, La Repubblica.

Fo, talking about the Jewish patriarch, Moses, said: "Moses was killing women and children because they worshiped idols." Mr. Fo went on blaming "the Jews' brutality against those who follow other religions, as it happens today." Excuse me? Is it the Jews who are burning people alive, drowning them in cages, slitting throats or crucifying anyone for following a different religion?

Mr. Fo's comparison is as wrong as it is ghastly. It is not the Jews who suicide-bomb Palestinian buses, cafes, wedding halls and discotheques. It is not the Jews who now try to mow down Palestinians with cars or stab them in the street. It is the reverse -- and has been for years.

The daily newspaper La Stampa charged Dario Fo with "recycling anti-Semitic stereotypes." Fo is not new at this. In the 1970s, in one of his theatrical operas, "Resistance: Italian and Palestinian people speak," the future Nobel Prize laureate compared Nazism to Zionism and the Palestinian fedayeen terrorists to the anti-Fascist partisans.

A few days after the 9/11 attacks, Fo also said that,
"the great speculators wallow in an economy that every year kills tens of millions of people with poverty -- so what is 20,000 dead in New York? Regardless of who carried out the massacre, this violence is the legitimate daughter of the culture of violence, hunger and inhumane exploitation."
Who gave this famous writer the right to defame, earlier, not only Israel's name but also 9/11's victims?

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